During your freewriting time, describe and speculate about at least three concepts, examples, or insights from the article that you think will be important to you as you try to construct your answers.



  • Identity is just more than your name and what your driver’s license says. Identity is something that defines you and there are many factors such as:
  • Personality
  • What you put out into the world
  • How you spend your time during your life
  • How you live your life
  • Where you live




  • If you don’t like the way your identity define you, you have the ability to change it and rearrange your life the way you want it.




  • One thing that I found in the article was that different things appear differently to others and everyone has their own identity and then there is an identity that others see you as. In the article with carrelli she is seen as someone that has this powerful and strong business that is flourishing but really she is someone that struggles everyday with a disorder that can distract her from who she really is but she doesn’t let that change her day to day routines.



Explain what questions might arise from thinking about your material and try to answer them. Write about a particularly interesting, surprising, useful, or hard-to-understand quote. Make connections between the concepts and examples you’re working with and try to explain what those connections teach you about identity. Connect the concepts and examples from the reading to examples drawn from your own experiences or those you know or from something you’ve read elsewhere and try to articulate what you learn about identity as a result. While this writing doesn’t need to be well-formed, clean or pretty, it does need to demonstrate your best efforts to make sense of the materials you have to think with.


  1. One question I had was one thing was talked about is getting there shops identifiable but how do they do that?
  • After reading more I was able to conclude that the ways they become identifiable is through any kind of media. Social media is a huge aspect in this generation and it is used for everything.
  1. Another thing that I found interesting and almost puzzling was when carrelli said that she had this disorder but was never tested for it why didn’t she go sooner if she knew or why wait until it got to the point of her having to hospitalized. She is better now with treatments and day to day regiments but why didn’t she start that sooner.
  2. In this article I really liked how carrelli didn’t let her disorder define who she was and she taking her personal experience and trying to better others life. She wants to open up a halfway house for the people of San Francisco.

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