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Covering is something we do to shield us from hateful comments but we should have rights that say this isn’t okay. To cover is to tone down your identity in order to be able to fit into the mainstream of today’s society. Covering is used to hide a true self which is an identity that showcases your authenticity. In this article covering is explained as something that goes against our civil rights. In Yoshino’s view of covering people will cover their true identities because they feel that they need to fit into the mainstream of today’s society and to meet everyone’s expectation of what a real person should be like and act like. Some examples of covering is pretending to be a different race, sex or hiding your sexuality. Other examples of covering can vary from not saying hi to someone you know but other people don’t like or not showing your true personality.

When Winnicott defines a true self and a false self as uncovered and covered selves, the true self is the self that gives an individual the feeling of being real and to relate to objects as oneself . The true self is associated with peoples authenticity only the true self can be creative and only the true self can be real. The false self is the opposite, It gives an individual a sense of being unreal a sense of futility. It mediates the relationship between the true self in the world. For Winnicott a true self is something that is who you really are and Winnicott tries to show how the true self and the false self interact with each other. Even though the false self isn’t really who you are it protects your true self but it can also control your true self. One thing I found in this article was  “ The importance of the Paradigm however lies in its self conscious universality. Winnicott posits that each of us has a true self that must be expressed for us to have the feeling of being switched on of being alive. And if the true self embodies the importance of authenticity the false self embodies are ambivalence about assimilation which is both necessary to survival and obstruction of life.” As someone with an identity everyone should use their true self to show who you are to the world and your fake self is something that can change us so to obstruct it from doing that your true self needs to embody what makes you unique.

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  1. First sentence – shield from comments – only comments? Or actions (direct and indirect) as well? I’d love to see you integrate some quotes into this answer. In the last few sentences you point towards some examples. As a reader, I need them to be more developed to be useful. Llay out your thinking for me and give me all the examples, explanations, and clarifications I need to understand you.

    These discussion questions are meant to help improve your understanding, but also to give you practice with sentence and paragraph construction, especially paragraphs that do more than task at a time. So take advantage of the assignment opportunity and work on signaling and integrating quotes, connection concepts to examples, and drawing out nuances from broad ideas.

    In the second answer, it’s really hard for me to tell when you’re quoting, when you’re paraphrasing and when you’re writing in your own voice with your own ideas. That’s what signal phrases, quotation marks, and voice markers are for. Be sure to use them.

    As the paragraph winds down, you introduce a long quote about the universality of “the paradigm.” Even though I’ve read the piece, I find it hard to place this idea without more help from you. Remember to build a context and provide background when you introduce a quote that will change the direction of the writing.

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