Essay 2 prewriting #2

Throughout this assignment I have read about Yoshino and how he able to defend the people who are choosing to cover their true self. He talks about civil rights for individuals and not just groups. He explains that“ The aspiration of civil rights has always been to permit people to pursue their human flourishing without limitations based on bias focusing on laws prevents us from seeing the revolution threats of that aspiration as law has limited civil rights to particular groups.” Limitations are limiting rule or a restriction. Limitations in the article is something that are holding our society back from being themselves. Whether it is the law or yourself or others doing it they are limiting your growth as a human being. If we have these limitations that makes us want to cover our true identity we will never have room to flourish to our fullest potential and we could even lose part of that identity.  Yoshino’s defines that our civil rights should protect every aspect that we are as individuals and a group. There is a difference between individual and Group rights. Group rights are rights held by a group and individual rights are rights held by individual people.In this article the writer talks a lot of about individual and group rights and how we are categorized as groups with our identities. He wants individual rights so people don’t have to continue covering their identities.

In society there are many groups that face covering. LGBTQ community suffers from covering everyday because there are still people in this world that don’t believe in same sex marriage. People all over hide who they like, public display of affection and even their sexuality. This doesn’t just include adults but teens and even children. Everyday there is a child in a school that is confused but feel like they can’t to anyone about it in fear what they may think or if they will tell others. Today things for this community are better than they were but there is still hate in the world towards them and their identities. In my view I believe that whoever you want to love you should have the right to do that and do whatever and wherever you want. We don’t need limitations that limit something that comes naturally to us and is an instinct. These limits that society puts on these human being is unethical and makes these people hide their identities because of fear of criticism. Being themselves gives them a way to be authenticity and unique. They need to show who you are and to define yourself. Authenticity in this reading is someone with a true self experiences. Having a true self is coming to terms with your authenticity. I believe that everyone no matter who you are should have their right to do as they please as long as it isn’t illegal and what they are doing is natural and shouldn’t be scrutinized.

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