Essay 2 reflection

For many people the reading process is a recursive one. There are so many different strategies to use when reading like taking note, annotating, highlighting, etc. For me my reading process involves reading the text very rigorously. I want to be able to see the main idea as well as the details that complete it. When I am assigned reading I like to start right away because I want to be able to get the most out of the text. I want to have the ability to apply what I read to the follow up assignment that goes along with it. I use techniques such as highlighting key term, quotes and people that are important in the plot. When I am reading through I like to see what is the main argument or if there even is one. During the reading process you need to have all your attention on what your reading and who is saying what because if you do not you’re going to miss the entire point of the reading. It depends on how much time you put into reading the text because it can determine to what  degree does your reading process enable you to write effectively in response to complex readings. Everytime I read a new assignment my strategies change because I learn to see new ways of looking at the writing so it can better my understanding of the work and to help me later when I need to annotate the text.

Over the semester I have learned to relate my text to what I am learning in class and see a new side to the writing. During the fall semester I learned how writers blend their words with the others words and when I would do my journals on what I read I wanted to be able to blend my words with the words of other by inserting a quote then explains what it means and explain how it relates to my argument. You want to talk about the quote but at the same time give your own spin on it and your opinion. To be able to read something interesting you needs to be curious about new ideas and have the flexibility to open your mind to new ideas of thinking that helps you to adapt to new circumstances.As a reader I want to be able to perceive new ideas and to reflect upon them. By using various strategies I am able to read and adapt to the text I am reading.

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