Reflection Peer Review

As a student receiving feedback on your writing can be very beneficial to your writing. Good peer reviewers pay attention to the main problem that can trouble the writers being open to new ideas and can make the writer struggle with understanding the writing. Peer review is constructive criticism that students will give each other so you are able to see a whole different point of view about your writing. With peer edits you should be able to focus on the writer’s claims, evidence, and organization of their essay be able to make suggestions to help the writer develop new ways of thinking. As a reviewer you have the ability to open a new door for different evidence and new arguments to better the writer. As a the student revieving the edits you should be flexible with your writing and engage with new sources, ideas and people. Being flexible leads you to new ways of thinking and helps you adapt to new circumstances. It can also lead to the right direction for success and lead them to their fullest potential.These students need to be able see the whole picture. They also need to look closer into writing and reading because to be the best you need to understand that reading and writing is so much more than words on a page. My experience through peer review I would see that my essays was a little dismembered but with the help of my peer’s I was able to find a place where some of my sentences and argument fit best and would allow me to to maker a strong argument with it. Through peer review I learned that revising someone’s essay isn’t just fixing or corrected their work but really diving into their writing so you can see each other’s arguments clearly. I was able to help and receive feedback that I was able to process and then acted upon it and if I needed clarification my classmates were both very helpful. As a person being reviewed you are able to ask questions on some of the comments and to seek guidance on troubled areas. Soon you will be able to see the effects of the peer editing shift your writing into an essay where you was able to recieve feedback and see what you can work on to make the writing better. The student should take the peer review comments they receive and want to use them to better their writing and not to just see it as something you need to fix or correct.

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