In class essential questions

This unit’s essential questions: In what sense is “race” real? In what variety of ways do the sets of words and phrases, ideas, images, beliefs, and patterns of thought people use to think and talk about race relate to reality? What would it take for there to be an end to racism?

Race is an image that people categorize us into groups where they think we identify with best. I believe that race is something can divide us or bring us together. Race is real in the sense that everyone is unique and has different characteristics and looks to them but there is also another side to this argument that race is not real. We are all human beings and people should not judge based on their images to define there beliefs or ideas of that individual or group. If there were to be an end to racism that would be amazing but I don’t believe that there will ever be a world that we live in that there is not one person pointing their fingers to a different race and blaming everything on them. There is always going to be some source of fighting in the world and there is always going to be people having hateful opinions on others.

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