P3 feedback

In this class, I believe that my skills for the writing process and reading process have grown stronger to benefit my writing. I have learned how to integrate my ideas with the peer edits that I get from my classmates and to be able to critique their work as well. Even though there are some areas that I feel strong in there is still room for improvement. For my reading process, I need to start expanding my mind into the text and start to use more words when annotating so I am able to better understand what the writer is saying. I have resources to my disposal on our rubric to help me with using more advanced annotations strategies. I also want to be able to take what I learn from the annotations and be able to connect my ideas with the writing. I need to be able to connect my evidence to the essential questions that have been given and to be able to connect my idea with other writers ideas. In the future for this next paper, I will start to write marginal annotations to help me better understand what the writer’s ideas are. I will use what their idea is and take my perspective is and connect them to answer the essential question.

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