Homework 04/1/19

In this assignment and our last assignment, there are many similarities of what Hochschild is talking about and what these people from the Whiteness project videos are talking about. In Hochschild, her interviewee explains “Then you see the immigrants Mexican, Samolis,  the Syrian refugees Yet to Come. As you wait in this on moving line you’re being asked to feel sorry for them all. You have a good heart. But who is deciding who you feel compassion for? Then you see President Barack Obama waving the line Cutters for. He’s on their side. In fact, isn’t he a line cutter too? How was his father was black I’d pay for Harvard? As you wait your turn Obama is using the money in your pocket to help the line cutters. He and his liberal backers have removed the shame from taking. The government has become an instrument for redistributing in your money to the undeserving. It’s not your government anymore it’s theirs.” When people say that immigrants that have moved here are undeserving and are line cutters they aren’t. I mean sure there are some people here illegally but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to be here. The majority of the US ancestors are not originally from the US. Everyone has different ethnicities and ancestors that came over like these people now. In the Whiteness project, we got to look at many people view of what their life has been life. There were two people that stood out to me: Wade and Nicholas.For Wade, he expressed that “ I’m not necessarily happy that I am white.Because of all the extra stuff that came with it because of like the way our race has acted like through the course of history like they’ve done the most evil messed up things I’ve ever seen other than like using rape as a weapon in the Congo but white people have definitely done worse than that in my opinion What the place I work and stuff like that the people that say the most awful things that I’ve ever heard in person or those people are those white people to get drunk and sit at my bar and spout off nonsense and it makes me really disappointed that I have to be linked lumped into the same category as them for me is why I like the way that I look because I am separated in that way I think people of my generation are less tolerance to blatant racism but a lot of them don’t understand like what all comes with like the underlined racism systemic racism that’s happened I’ve seen like on the internet and on television and stuff like that a lot of older white men complaining about them being discriminated against because they’re right but I don’t necessarily agree with that . Wade is calm but also angry that he is white and that he represents a race that says such awful things and he is ashamed to be white. Nicholas however is a bit more forgiving by expressing that “The being white help them become who they are cuz they take a lot of pride in the fact that their family may have not been Rich, to begin with, and are not rich what I when I got my job example I walked in there and I just look clean-cut white person and they hired me pretty much because of that and it’s just small small things that no one really notices but I see a little bit easier being white I think we’ve come a long way since the Civil Rights Movement but kids nowadays tend to grow up thinking that the problems in the past and if they’re still just a civil like there’s an unjust civil system I don’t feel guilty about the fact that I’ve been given these advantages I just feel the need to use these advantages subtly or how it whichever way I can to try to make sure that other people of other races can have the same advantages that I have. Nicholas seems to be accountable for the way his race is and also happy that he was given the advantages he has but at the same time sorry that others can’t have that equality. They are talking about the issue instead of brushing it under the rug and by what was said in the article for this current assignment is unethical. With both these recent assignment, we are able to see a few of Yoshino’s covering and hiding your true identity. In Yoshino’s covering he says“We must indeed build a new civil rights paradigm on what draws us together rather than on what drives us apart because covering applies to us all it provides an issue around which we can make common cause this is the desire for authenticity are common human wish to express ourselves without being impeded by reasoning demands for conformity.” Everything that defines us is what authenticity is and the writer wants us to realize that it times to build a  new civil rights paradigm which can bring us closer together than driving us further away. Covering is something we do to shield us from hateful comments but we should have rights that say this isn’t okay. Race is something that drives us apart but if we talk more about it we are able to make a change in the beliefs that people in Hochschild view that race and being an immigrant is something that makes you a line cutter. In Yoshino’s view, he is able to defend the people who are choosing to cover up their true self. Yoshino is an advocate for these people struggling to show their true colors to our society but no one is doing anything about it. Every day there is a someone hiding their personality, sexual orientation and parts of themselves that make them unique.He talks about how he wants people to embolden their identities so they don’t lose part of themselves.  Yoshino’s wants to open everyone eyes to how we as human beings should have the basic right to be defined as the way we want to and not to have to cover our identities.

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