Blackness project and NY times writing

In the Blackness project the people sharing their stories and experiences of there version of the deep story. These people want others to understand what the life of discrimination is like and how race shapes everyone’s reality.

In the video a man named Byron shared “In a time when there was rampant discrimination and when African-Americans and other people of color were being unfairly denied opportunities and affirmative action programs were designed to level the playing field in this day and age many of those programs have been dismantled so those that think there are still many programs in that 1960s 70s affirmative action space. I think they’re wrong about that I think in this day and age when people are able to break through when people are able to succeed it’s because they put in the work is because they have the talent is because they’ve accomplished what they need to accomplish to be able to be in the position that they’re in”. Byron expresses how back then the African American community was denied opportunities and now they are stilled denied opportunities or segregated where they may be. Another man Julian expresses that “ I mean we have a new president who shows that he really doesn’t care about certain nationalities which are blatant racism and that’s our president so it’s definitely here in full effect in 2017 and we hope to get better but it may get worse as long as we as a people do our part and we come together.” We are in a time and place where our government is applicating racism and it may take a while for it to get better and it may not get better but working together to solve out these issues is the best solution. It starts with understanding that you have to love your people in order to love yourself and those who want freedom without fighting for it need to change their perspective.

In an article that was written by the New York Times, professionals are varieties of fields spoke up about discrimination of race in the working world. They shared their experiences were people questioned there professionalism and their licenses. The writer’s shares “ when the physician Fatima Cody Stanford later explained that she always carries her medical license to help this arm Skeptics in situations like the one she had experience other professional said they too have developed strategies to brace themselves for people who will doubt them. Those are professional Fields historically dominated by white people including law, medicine and politics oh, say that the pressure to be prepared for these moments can feel particularly acute. It affects how they dress what they carry in their wallets and how they behave.” These professionals that are trained to either be someone that saves lives or to defend a person’s life have to change who they are so they won’t come off a certain way to others. They need to be cautious of what they wear and what they carry around them may make assumptions based on what they believe.

Between these two projects, we can see how race can put an identity on you that affects your life. Before they are able to change if you just want the freedom that will come with a fight. This comes with talking about the issue instead of brushing it under the rug. There are always people that are going to try and bring you down based on their own beliefs. The people that express their belief in this way are trying to tell there side of the deep story and trying to tell the reason why others assume based on their beliefs.


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