Artifact # 1

During High School I was the type of student that wanted to get things done early so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later. I would study new material right when I learned it especially for classes that required a lot of memorization.  I would try to approach everything in an positive way and would always put myself in a position to challenge myself so I be able to have it done right away.

High school for me wasn’t easy at all, I was constantly studying and working really hard so I would fall behind. School wasn’t horrible even though I was always doing work but I was able to learn certain topics that I was very interested in.

Most of my teachers were very good but there were some that weren’t so easy. One of my English teachers junior year I really struggled with because he  wasn’t willing to meet me halfway even when I came to him for help.  I worked so hard on my papers and spent day and night trying to be able to make sense of what I was writing but it felt like another boring task that I had to do. Every time we would be assigned a reading assignment or writing assignment  I would dread it in that class because I felt that I wouldn’t never have any guidance no matter how many questions I asked.

The rest of my teachers though were amazing and always were offering help sessions and really cared about how their students were doing. One of my teachers was so helpful when I was writing our junior thesis about Oj Simpson. This paper took me about 2 months to write because of the amount of research I had to do and also the length of the paper was 10 pages. I was really struggling with how to approach this in a non stressful way and my teacher met with me and we went over all my main points and discussed what other things I should maybe focus on. I ended up getting a really good grade on the paper and I believe that it is one of my best pieces of writing.

Writing and reading in high school for most students is a tough time due to the amount of stress that we have put on us to do so much. These students including me need to be able see the whole picture. They also need to look closer into writing and reading because to be the best you can be you need to understand that reading and writing is so much more than words on a page.  Throughout high school it was a very tough journey that led me to were I am today and I couldn’t be happier.